New doctor bags has arrived at my shop!

Hello there, I made new doctor bags using gorgeous floral fabrics with roses prints. I really love this bags. :) They are now for sale. Please check my shop "Spring Flavor" at etsy.com.




NEW DOCTOR BAG (Sorry it has already sold)

Hello there,
I made a beautiful doctor bag yesterday, and I listed it on my shop. It has already sold. I just share the details of the doctor bag. I'll make doctor bags with other floral fabrics.


Fabrics - Beautiful Liberty fabrics in medium weight.

I bought 2 new liberty fabrics collaborated with orgabits(R). They are in medium weight(Hanpu No.11), and including organic cotton 32%. I don't know they are sold in foreign countries. I bought them at maru10 which a Japanese online shop(the shipping area is only to inside of Japan). I have a plan to make new clasp purses using these lovely fabrics. I hope I could make them soon.


Nancy Ann


Here is the official blog of Spring Flavor at etsy.com.

Hello there,

I used the domain "spring-flavor.com" before. I just decided to close there, and making another blog account on blogger. I'd like to restart new blog to show my handmade life.(I guess I would be lazy though.) I'm a part time worker, at the same time, I'm an owner of Spring Flavor which is a handmade brand sold frame purses/coin purses. Unfortunatelly, I don't have enough time to make new items for my shop recently. I try to make items as much as I can. :)

Please check my shop if you are interested in my items. :)
My shop "Spring Flavor" is here >> Spring Flavor
My Facebook page >> Spring Flavor

Thank you for reading!


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